I’m Nathan Landis Funk, a Philly-based writer/actor/musician trying to wear my thoughts on my sleeves. From growing up a Mennonite in Saskatchewan to spending time with Charismatics in California to landing myself in the east coast theater and film industry, my purpose has grown increasingly clear: to tell stories worth sharing and make the world a better place.

I am where I am today because other people took the time to share with me the things that they’ve been learning.  Hence, this site.

Please be aware that if you go digging through my articles from 8 years ago, you’re likely to find me saying things that I don’t still necessarily endorse.  I’ve learned a lot on my journey; one of the biggest things is how little I actually know.  However, I’ve resisted the temptation to rewrite or remove some of my old articles, in the hopes that presenting my journey as I’ve experienced it will perhaps encourage others to be more transparent about their journeys as well.  We’re all learning, ya know?

If you’d like to see what I do for a career, check out www.nathanlandisfunk.com.  See ya on the road!